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Kenyan Literature
Other African authors

The Emperor - 1983
by Ryszard Kapuscinski (Poland)
After Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia and according to the belief of Rastafarians revered to as King of Kings, was overthrown in 1974 after ruling for 44 years, the polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski traveled to Ethiopia to interview his servants and close associates. This developed into an exciting, often grotesque report about governing and fall of this absolutistic ruler, who lived in extreme luxury with his court, ignoring the suffering and starving of his country's people.

The Green Hills of Africa - 1936
von Ernest Hemingway (USA)
Hemingway tells of his experiences during a hunting safari on the big game. Language and expression are great as always, but the book is a child of it's time, written in the spirit of colonialism, and Hemingway seemed to be thrilled by shooting as many different animals as he could - I never felt like finishing this book.

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